The Death of the Moth │ Four Levels │ Summary │ English │ Virginia Woolf

The Death of the Moth

The Death of the Moth │ Virginia Woolf
- Virginia Woolf

Literal Comprehension:

One pleasant September morning a moth came fluttering into the room from the field outside. The field was being plowed. The rooks were flying. Different kinds of pleasure were available. The moth's eagerness to enjoy life fully seemed pathetic. He flew from one corner of the window-pane to the other.

After some time he was tired and could not resume his dancing and settles on the window ledge in the sun. He tried to fly but failed. After the seventh attempt, he slips from the window ledge and falls. His helplessness suggested that he was in difficulties. He struggled very hard to right himself. This suggested his coming death. His tiny legs were fighting against powerful death.

However, he goes on fluttering his wings onto his back on the window sill. His hard attempt made him upright. The signs of death could be clearly seen. The body relaxed and became stiff and he died.


The death of an insect is an ordinary event that usually goes unnoticed. Woolf suggests that every creature, human, animal, and insect struggle against death and tries to live more. Death is the opposite of life. Death is stronger than any living being. When it catches, nobody can do anything to be safe from death.

The Death of the Moth │ Four Levels

Critical Thinking:

In this essay, the writer is in a reflective mood and fascinated by such an unimportant event and it leads to an extraordinary result.

But I have some critical questions:

  • Why we must give more emphasis to an insect's life and death? As they are nothing for us and also we can't try to save all of the insects of this planet, it is impossible.

  • She might have open the window if she feels much more pity for the moth's death.

  • Do really insects can't think rationally? As they can't find any alternatives.


After reading this essay, I came to realize the true meaning of life and death. Death is unexpected and life too, but we can length more of our life by properly utilizing our senses.

I also came to know some new things that constant effort in the wrong way is wasteful. So, if I failed, I will definitely change my way of working, but the destination remains the same.

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