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The Library Card

The Library Card │ Richard Wright
- Richard Wright

Literal Comprehension:

'The Library Card' is written by Richard Wright, a black writer in the U.S.A. Once he was reading a newspaper he saw a white man called H.L. Mencken being reviled by his own fellows.

He got shocked because he used to think that only they were avoided, but why a white writer is being called a fool by white people themselves. So, he wants to know more about Mencken and was highly motivated to read his books. However, they were not allowed to go to the library and read a book.

Also, they were deprived of library cards. Fortunately, he was able to use the library cards of a white man in his office and read two books by H.L. Mencken. He understands the reason why Mencken was opposed by his own people. He had written on the topic of equality and rights between white and black people.

The more he reads he understands the reality. So, he always went to the library and read the book more critically. After reading many books, he realized that he had been suppressed very much and up to that time he became very fond of reading.

So, he wanted to become a writer, he had to know so many things and people well. That's why he brought English grammar for learning English but he found better English from novels. After reading many novels he realized the suffering of his life and immoral activities done by white against them.

So, he didn't like to live the life of a slave because of his education. As he was in the minority, he couldn't win the clash against white. In this way, he becomes different from others and couldn't forget his community's difficult situation. Finally, he went to the north and writes about the sadness of black people.


The writer wants to tell us that education is the most powerful power to light a people's inspirational, moral, and philosophical life.

Though the writer was deprived to touch the softness of butter, to feel the love of brotherhood, to see the rays of heaven; but the deep ocean of education had encouraged him to raise the spiritual power that he can reinforce his life with beauty and glory.

Similarly, we can also interpret the story by saying that life is not given us to serve others by burying our past in anonymity and degrading present and future, but saving our importance as gratitude by serving them as they can be able to find a way in the darkness.

Critical Thinking:

I believe the writer views that education and knowledge are the light of life. Similarly, a strong feeling of desire can motivate and encourage anyone to achieve their target.

But I have some doubts about this monologue of a writer. Some of them are; How could he read English novels so much critically, as he was deprived of formal education in his childhood?

Is it not so cringe to say that white people are not respecting their own people? But at last, I would like to conclude my views by saying that 'pages can't speak' and it is only readers to criticize as per their own perception.


This is a very powerful and reactive story that inspired me to utilize the knowledge of education indiscriminately.

Because being hypocrites is not the meaning of life. So, I accelerate to share the smell of roses with every people in my country.

Similarly, I also got motivated to follow equal rights with our brothers and sisters. And we must preserve our sweetest memory in their heart.

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