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The Telegram on the Table

The Telegram on the Table │ Parashu Pradhan
- Parashu Pradhan

Literal Comprehension:

This story is about a simple person who wants to achieve a life-like like a successful person. The story writer shows the dream of an ordinary person who is always on top of living standards.

He has a dream to be a professional tourist guide in a foreign land and to visit places by a tourist girl whom he used to meet daily. One night he suddenly woke up as he sees his wife, whom he has already got forgotten. Then he unknowingly saw the table where a telegram has been laid and which he has been ignoring for many days.

His eyes got filled with tears because he came to know that his wife has been dead. After reading the message, he became happy at first by thinking he got free from his village burden and can grab the opportunity more thoroughly to fulfill his dreams.

But later, he starts to cry as he got realized that his wife is no longer on this earth. And on that night he starts to memorize all unwanted thoughts and can't figure out harmony in that situation.


In this story, the writer wants to show that the life of the city is like burying alive. The busy life of anyone is enough to make him/her stone-hearted.

Similarly, the story might also be telling that regret is necessary for every mistake of our life, then only we can think wisely in the future.

Critical Thinking:

In this story, I more appreciate the one thing of the writer that everybody loves to live like a king. But some of the concepts are not agreeable. Is it possible to forget totally our most loveable ones?

Why they didn't inform Krishna a few days earlier, about the seriousness of his wife? Can anyone act so careless and mannerless, as even they don't read a telegram which has been specially sent for them?


From this story, I learned that working hard for making a successful life is not a thing that we must desire in our life, but we must work on our feelings and love that drive us to a state of conscious bliss.

I learned that we mustn't stay so far from our family. We must give proper love and affection to our loved ones. So, I got change my mind and canceled my working visa for Australia and start my small retail shop which is only a faraway 2 min walk from my home.

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