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Word Processing is perhaps the most common and comparatively easier application to work on any computer. A word processor lets you change words or phrases, move whole text sections from one place to another, store blocks of text, and align margins all in a few seconds.

The use of word processors has changed the look of official correspondence, reports, and proposals, etc. to a great extent. MS Word is an advanced word processing product by Microsoft company. The powerful features of Word will allow you to create even graphic-based multicolumn publications such as Fliers, Newsletters, and Internet web pages.

Complete Guide on Basic Microsoft Word 2003

This section provides an overview of MS - Word and deals with the following features:

  1. Starting MS Word (2003)
  2. File Management
  3. Editing Documents
  4. Formatting Documents
  5. Printing Documents
  6. Inserting Pictures Into a Document
  7. Tables
  8. Password Protect of Document
  9. Inserting Objects of Other Types (MS-Excel, Photo Editor, etc.)
  10. Other Features
  11. Mail Merge

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