Changing Consumer Behavior │ Consumer Behavior │ Case Study

Changing Consumer Behavior (Case Study)

This Case Study Includes:

  1. Change in Consumer's Entertainment Preferences
  2. Physical to Digital Platform (Esports)
  3. The Cycle of Market Advancement


Since the days are changing, time is running, every living being is competing for its existence and survival in this everchanging environment, we can undoubtedly say that change is constant and nothing can stop it. We can’t deny the reality, and the only thing remains on our hand is to accept it.

Consumer preferences are now at a different level of thug life. They started to ignore companies that never pay attention to their wants and desires. And within a moment, they are switching the brands, products, or services to whichever they think is better. No one wants to waste their time and money on one company, as we all are surrounded by lots of choices.

Case Study Prepared Year: 2021

File:- Changing Consumer Behavior │ Case Study

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