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When a particular research area has been identified, the research problem identified, and the related literature in the area has also been reviewed, the next step is to determine the most appropriate research design that is best suitable for the research project.

It is the planning to attack and a way of approach for solving the problem. It helps to determine the methods of the study and determine the most effective strategy.

"Research design is a master plan specifying the methods and procedures for collecting and analyzing the needed information." - W. Zikmund (2007).

Research Design │ Business Research Methods

Research design can be described as:

  • Plan, structure, and strategy for obtaining the answer to the research question.

  • The overall plan of the activities.

  • The framework of the study, guides in data collection, process of data analysis, sampling plan, etc.

  • Organized and integrated systems for performing research.

  • A blueprint that specifies the methods of the study.

  • It is the strategy of the study and making generalizations to the population.

This PDF Note Covers:

  1. Concept of Research Design
  2. Elements of Research Design
  3. Types of Research Design
  4. Exploratory Research Design (Basic Objectives/Characteristics)
  5. Descriptive Research Design
  6. Developmental Research Design (Longitudinal Study/Cross-Sectional Study)
  7. Case Study (Types/Category/Steps/Limitations/Sources of Data Collection)
  8. Causal Comparative Research Design
  9. Experimental Research Design (Features/Types/Problems)
  10. Quantitative Research Design
  11. Qualitative Research Design (Features/Types)
  12. Error in Research Design (Halo Effect/Hawthorne Effect/Rating Errors)

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