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Work and Motivation

Important Vocabulary

  • Motivate: To inspire, to induce, to give a reason or incentive to someone to do something
  • Employee: A person employed by someone else, working for money
  • Labour relations: Relations between employers and employees, managers and workers, management and unions
  • Responsibility: Having control of something as part of your job
  • Wages: Money paid (per hour or day or week) to manual workers
  • Salary: A fixed regular payment made by employers, usually monthly, for professional or office work
  • Benefits or perks: Advantages that come with a job, apart from wages and salary
  • Promotion: To be raised to a higher rank or better job
  • Job security: Knowing that there is little risk of losing one's job
  • Skilled: Having particular abilities, acquired by training

Completing the Paragraph Using the Given Words

[ pro'duce | 'product | pro'duction | produc'tivity | pro'ducer | 'produce | pro'ductive | 'unproductive ]

A few years ago, Harry Coe's a large producer of tinned food productions, decided that some of their workers were not productive enough. Much of the work of preparing fruit and vegetables were done on rows of tables rather than on a product line. So they decided to introduce a piecework system, whereby workers got paid according to the amount of work they completed.

The company thought that this would motivate previously unproductive workers and thereby increase productivity. Yet the new pay scheme did not produce the results they expected: after six months they were still processing the same amount of agricultural produce, but there was a lot of dissatisfaction among the workers who were now all earning different amounts of money.

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Extracted From:

MacKenzie, I. (2002). English for Business Studies: A course for Business Studies and Economics students (Second). Cambridge University Press.

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