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Written business plans attract investors to invest in their business ideas. Investors critically think about the plan and give feedback to entrepreneurs. So, the entrepreneur moves forward according to the feedback of investors. Entrepreneur sends the business plan to selected investors to get feedback on his idea.

A business plan is a process of giving clear and concise or short but comprehensive information on all the important aspects of the proposed new venture. For most plans, 25 to 35 pages (and typically closer to 25 than 35 pages) are sufficient. It must be long enough to provide sufficient information, yet short enough to maintain reader interest.

A business plan is a process of describing what and how a new business intends to accomplish. Writing a business plan is an extremely good investment of an entrepreneur’s time and money.

Writing a Business Plan │ Entrepreneurship

This PDF Note Covers:

  1. Concept of Business Plan
  2. Cover Letter
  3. Reasons for Writing a Business Plan (Internal/External)
  4. Scope of Business Plan
  5. Guidelines for Writing a Business Plan
  6. Presentation of Business Plan
  7. Section/Outline/Layout/Summary of Business Plan

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