The Burden of Skepticism │ Four Levels │ Summary │ English │ Carl Edward Sagan

The Burden of Skepticism

The Burden of Skepticism │ Carl Sagan
- Carl Edward Sagan

Literal Comprehension:

Skepticism is found everywhere and in everyday life. 'The Burden of Skepticism' is an essay written by the American astronomer and author Carl Edward Sagan. In this essay, Sagan stressed the one idea that - we have to be skeptical to find out the truth behind any existential properties.

If we have to buy a second-hand or used car, we go on testing and examining it, even if we do not have complete knowledge about the functioning of the car. So, at that time we became skeptical but not more. And if we buy without examining it, we may have to a little worry about it later.

We remember to become skeptical whenever we feel defeated, but in regards to politics, medicines, and commercials, we rarely use our logic. In terms of religious practices, stories about spirit and soul, the concept of rebirth, and reincarnation, our societies believe it and we also believe in them blindly.

Thus, the main idea is that we should always be skeptical, no matter how appealing the presenter's ideas are.


The writer is trying to say that truth and proof only get revealed if we can use or skeptical power properly. So, as a matter of fact, scientists and philosophers are the most skeptical beings on this planet.

Their rational curiosity and desire of searching for new things render us a great invention and challenging theories of all time.

Thus, we are also not less intelligent than them. If we determine to expose the behind-the-scenes of any propaganda, we should first know how to correctly use the power of skeptical thoughts.

Critical Thinking:

The essay itself says we must be skeptical. So, without wasting any time let's come into action.

What if people didn't understand the philosophy behind being skeptical, and only goes on banging everyone? It might lead to a great threat for anyone who is speaking genuine truth.

What if all people come up with their own reality and don't give a damn to the ideas of a real intellectual person?

People love to share and point out their own ideas, thoughts, invention, theories, and perceptions rather than listening to the other. Everyone on this planet is just busy selling their point of view.

So, with all due respect to the writer, I would like to request, also teach us how to optimize the dark side of unnecessary skeptical thoughts and actions.


What I all understood is that we should balance the skeptical mindset and never let it override our genuine programming of the brain.

It is good to doubt someone's ideas, theories, but we should also be ready to understand their opinion and proof.

If we go on criticizing one and every people on this earth, then no new inventions and discoveries will gonna save our life. Thus, we need to first search and understand the reality, then only we should join for open discussion.

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