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The Great Answer

The Great Answer │ Fulton Oursler
- Fulton Oursler

Literal Comprehension:

'The Great Answer' is a magnificent story written by American journalist Fulton Oursler. The story is related to 'World War II' where the people of France were suppressed and restrained.

In a French village near the Spanish border, a lot of refugees had gathered. They all were desperate to cross the border and travel safely to the USA. If they were caught by the secret German police (Gestapo), they would be imprisoned or killed brutally.

Among the refugees, there were a young mother and her four years old daughter. They all met at the bottom of the mountain. A guide was leading them safely towards the border.

They started climbing the mountain, during the climbing three old men got tired and unable to walk any more steps. Instead of helping those old men, the guider gave them a responsibility to carry the daughter of that young lady on their shoulder till they go out of breathing.

After continuously walking the whole night and another half of the day, they safely crossed the Spanish border. With the happy ending, they celebrate the joy of crossing the Spanish border.


The main theme from this story is that one's persistence and struggle always pay a great fortune. The desperate desire of all those refugees leads them to great success.

Also, a person only realizes their real power when they come into a do-or-die situation. If the leader had not asked those old men to carry a child, then they would definitely be left upon that cold mountain to die from the hand of those cruel German police.

Critical Thinking:

Seriously, this story opens up the riddle of our life by revealing the great answer for our success. Still, the story has some weak points where I would like to point my finger.

How could those old men who losses all the energy, carry the daughter and cross the border? Were there no policemen near the border to watch the trespassers? Didn't the leader think about the consequences of carrying that child by those tired old men?


After reading this story, I understand that the great answer to our riddle of life is hidden in our belief system. If a person believes, he can do anything and can achieve any great success in his life.

There is no point in giving up, if you want a breakthrough in your life, then you should shift your focus from problems to solutions.

Don't go on changing the environment and situation, because they are not going to change. But change your mindset, and everything will start to change as per your desire. And these all are the great answers from this story.

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