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Where The Mind is Without Fear

Where The Mind is Without Fear │ Rabindranath Tagore
- Rabindranath Tagore

Literal Comprehension:

The poem starts with the poet imagining a place where there will be no fear inside the heart of people, and everyone can walk by raising their heads. He seeks a place where education will be free and everyone could get educated without any fees.

He imagines heaven where there will be no boundary between countries, every person is free from greed, every mouth is speaking the truth and there is no place to lie.

People there will practice thousands of times to achieve perfection in their works, people will be no more superstitious freaks and starts to believe in rationality and morality. There will be a strong logic supporting the thoughts and philosophy of people.

Poet imagines every change in the world, first comes from us, and then we go into changing the world. Where every people have the courage to follow their own thought and their vision will bring change into this world. In such a world of freedom, the poet prays the lord to wake up all his countrymen.


The poet is trying to imagine the perfect world where there will be full freedom and everyone will be respected equally.

The place where there is no status, where education can be obtained free of cost, where there will be no boundary among countries, where people will be free from greed, where people always speaks the truth.

The poet imagines that every people can bring positive changes into this world. It is possible to change this (earth) barren desert into heaven if we could understand the philosophical theme of this poem.

Critical Thinking:

The poem is outstanding but projects philosophical thoughts rather than practical solutions. The thought process of the poet is phenomenal. Still, I am not convinced that our world can ever become like a poet's imagination.

Having a great vision is good, but it still needs a practical way of achieving it. Hypothetical thoughts can never lead towards success, but they only make us believe in some sort of magic, and we remain praying for someone to come and do for us.

Also, I didn't understand one thing the poet wants to convey about the thought of borderless countries.

He imagines a world where there will be no boundaries between countries, and at last, he himself concludes praying the god to awake his countrymen. I think he should forget about - me and my!


After understanding this poem, I also changed myself and started to follow his lesson. I know it is almost impossible to change this world into heaven as he imagines, but impossible itself says 'i m possible', so, I will not stop here.

I will follow his great vision and try to change at least one person, and then the very person will try to change another person. So, in this way, we could make a drastic change in this world.

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