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Economics and Ecology

Important Vocabulary

  • Emissions: Anything (e.g. gases, liquids) released into the environment
  • Waste: Something unwanted and useless, such as by-products resulting from manufacturing processes
  • Disposal: Throwing away or getting rid of something unwanted
  • Environmentalist: Someone concerned about pollution, maintaining an ecological balance, and so on
  • Eco-efficiency: The extent to which a product doesn't use rare resources or produce polluting waste, can be recycled, and so on

  • Consensus: A general agreement about something
  • Incentive: Something that encourages or gives a reason to do something
  • Poll: A survey of people's opinions, using a representative sample
  • Quarterly results: Very short-term profits

  • A freehand: The possibility to choose for themselves
  • A framework: An overall structure, or plan, or outline
  • Quantitative: Concerning the amount or number of something
  • From cradle to grave: From the beginning to the end of the existence of a product
  • A scale: A numerical measure or standard
  • The ultimate target: Final aim

  • Architects: Designers (of a plan)
  • Advocating: Recommending
  • Pragmatism: Realism
  • Auctioned: Sold to the highest bidder (whoever will pay the most)
  • A fine: A financial penalty
  • Compliance: Accepting or obeying a law, etc.
  • Bureaucracy: Excessive administrative work
  • Scheme: Plan
  • Ceiling: Upper limit
  • Lax: Not strict or severe enough
  • Tackling: Dealing with a difficult problem
  • Toyed with: Vaguely considered

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Extracted From:

MacKenzie, I. (2002). English for Business Studies: A course for Business Studies and Economics students (Second). Cambridge University Press.

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