A Most Forgiving Ape

| Literal Comprehension

“A Most Forgiving Ape” is an essay by Alan Moorehead about the life of an Ape. There are many things we have yet to know about the gorilla. Our knowledge of him is based on imaginary horror films and adventure books. The little knowledge we have about him makes us learn more. His artistic instinct and care for the family make him closer to human beings than any other animal.

The gorilla is a peace-loving animal and his species is in danger of extinction. Once the narrator went to Africa to see him in a wild state, it was very difficult for him to climb up the mountain. But his expert guides made it possible to find the gorilla.

He was surprisingly black. His shining blackness and huge body impress the narrator very much. He had the desire to go to him and to communicate instead of running away from him. He did not like to miss his sight even for a second by using a camera or binoculars.

According to some observers, the gorilla makes love in the same that human does. The gorilla has a strong smell similar to the mixture of human sweat, manure, and charred wood. Nobody has been able to estimate the exact population of the gorillas in the volcanoes.

Nowadays they are protected and shooting or capture of a gorilla is legally banned. But the local tribal people kill the gorilla if they spoil their crops. The tribe men trace the gorilla to their lairs and take revenge upon them.


| Interpretation

In this essay, the writer is trying to say that we must save our ancestors. We can feel the slight development of intelligence in them. Local people brutally kill them to take revenge.

So, we must stop local people and preserve gorillas in some safe areas. Similarly, the writer is also saying that the beauty of nature is so loving and we must feel it without letting down any moment.


| Critical Thinking

This essay is trying to motivate people not to kill any animals as they also have their own family sentiments. But how can we leave without doing anything to them, which is destroying our daily basic needs?

It is the natural habit of anyone to attempt revenge to survive in this world. Can animals also feel the same love among each other? I can’t feel anything by observing them. Does the gorilla have peace of mind and is not vulnerable? But in movies, I have seen they are very much dangerous for human society.


| Assimilation

After reading this essay, I realized that people could quench anything if that becomes an unacceptable part of their present and future lives. Similarly, the hot topic of this essay is that gorillas are going to extinct so I got strongly motivated to preserve them as we preserve our kids.

Every living creature has its own family and strong sentiments among them, the main point is how we react to other’s environments where they are struggling for a better life.

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