Curbing The One-Eyed Monster

| Literal Comprehension

According to the “Curbing The One-Eyed Monster” essay, television stations are not controlled by common people but by very few people who are wealthy in political power. We must free our homes from television because it is not for education and truth but is for a lie and here only false news is broadcasted.

It doesn’t let us think rationally. It is only for commercials, and programs of violent content, and teaches bad imitation to viewers.

The typical American watches T.V. 7 hours a day and wastes most of their productive time. If they don’t watch T.V. then they will be excluded from society. Instead of watching a T.V., we can read books, talk with family, relatives, and friends, and travel to joyous places.

Television corporation spends a vast amount of money like $300 a year for a person and it shows clearly who is the controller of television.

Hence, the writer wants to motivate us to unplug this one-eyed monster and throw it outside of a house, and only we can set our mood and social life.


| Interpretation

The writer wants to say that T.V. is heavily filtered and threatens a free society. Though it shows some good and valuable programs too, mostly it broadcast false values like ‘money is king’ or ‘look out for number one, etc.

And it kills the creativity and imaginative power of children and also of youngsters too. Hence, we must throw T.V. to clean our homes.


| Critical Thinking

The writer clearly exposed his idea about the bad side of T.V. and all its disadvantages. But we know everything has its balanced pros and cons. Also, I don’t believe that every program on T.V. is so false and is full of waste.

There are also some advantages to T.V. like it helps children to develop their minds by learning the societal activity, we can know the current affairs of a country. The writer can’t project the actual disadvantages of T.V. and I think he overrated only its bad side.


| Assimilation

After reading this essay I realized that T.V. is impure and not good as I thought. So, I am not going to throw it from my house as it is so costly and I am not alone in my house too.

But, I will stop watching it and will spend my all T.V. time reading some good books. Similarly, I will also share the knowledge given in this essay with my family, neighbor, and relatives.

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