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Customer Service Activities and Loan Management Of Global IME Bank Limited (Internship Report)


Global IME Bank – The Bank for All, has over 72 years of experience. With the noble guidance of a board of directors and combined efforts of the management and employees, the bank has witnessed a turnaround in different parameters i.e. profitability, loan recovery, and service quality including system reform and modernization of the bank. GBIME is committed to satisfying its customers by providing modern banking facilities. At the same time, the bank is equally committed to the economic growth and development of the country. The bank aims to reach every rural and urban corner of Nepal to accommodate the requirement of people. The bank’s extensive branch network and international connections are designed to transact banking activity between any part of the country and any part of the world. The bank has earned the glory of making available services to almost all the top business houses in the country and it occupies one of the leading positions among banks in Nepal. The bank is still pursuing to accommodate as many clients as far as possible. It is always committed to offering quality products and services to its customers. All customers are treated with utmost courtesy as valued clients. Besides, the bank is trying to establish the lifelong relationship with the clients. GLOBAL IME Bank is one of the leading commercial banks in Nepal which aims to position itself as a progressive, cost-effective & customer-friendly institution providing comprehensive financial-related services to its customers. During the two months of internship at GLOBAL IME, the intern was provided with ample opportunities to get an insight into the core operation of the host organization in the complex business environment, working with a diverse mix of staff from different backgrounds and from different works of life with profound knowledge and provided an experimental and holistic learning experience. The study refers to the Customer Service Department (CSD) which deals directly with the customer’s inquiries, handling complaints, and service distribution, and also the credit department where procedures for giving 29 different kinds of loans are learned. GLOBAL IME is able to maintain strong relationships with its customer through various customer-oriented products and services. Prior to the internship, my knowledge was limited to books. The theoretical knowledge gained about customer relationships was actually implemented in practical banking settings. The internship has worked on the development of communication and interpersonal skill of the intern. The Intern has also learned that behavioral issues are most important inside the organization. Customers feel satisfied when they behave properly. Their queries are needed to be answered in a friendly way so as to retain them in the organization. 

In conclusion, it can be conveyed that CSD is the most sensitive department. It is very much clear that the bank realizes a huge part of income through customer satisfaction. Although other departments also play a sensitive role in the bank’s success, huge credit goes to the customer service department as it gives the first impression to the customers. Hence, the bank must analyze such factors to gain success in the future period through fulfilling customers’ needs and demands. It was really a great opportunity to serve as an intern in such a successful bank. It was a learning-by-doing kind of opportunity and had been successful in making a change within myself. The intern is very pleased to conclude that GLOBAL IME is one of the best banks with a friendly environment and excellent customer service. It is your bank delivering the best financial products.


Report Title: Customer Service Activities and Loan Management Of Global IME Bank Limited

Prepared By: Yubin Adhikari

Degree: Bachelor

Program: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Specialization: Banking and Finance

College: Birendra Multiple Campus

University: Tribhuvan University

Year: 2022


Customer Service Activities and Loan Management Of Global IME Bank Limited | Internship Report | 2022

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Note: This internship report (work experience article) was prepared by Mr. Yubin Adhikari for the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). So, it is advised to use this report only for reference, or as guidance. Copying or practicing plagiarism is strictly forbidden.

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