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Customer Service Activities of Citizens Bank International Limited (Internship Report)


Citizens Bank International Ltd provided the intern with work experience during the internship time. It was an effective learning process because the internship gave the students a chance to experience real jobs. Although an internship could not provide in-depth and rigorous knowledge of the banking environment due to its short eight-week duration, a basic understanding was sufficient for students to become familiar with the business. This period of internship at Citizens Bank was a very fruitful experience. From this internship, the knowledge about the working environment, and the banking activities was gained, and on-the-job experience of the bank was realized which shall prove to be a great experience. Due to the interaction of different people, the variety of skills gained, and the involvement in the activities of different departments of a commercial bank the experience gained would be beneficial for future career development. The study refers to the Customer service Departments (CSD) that deal directly with customer inquiries, handling complaints, and service distribution. CZBIL can maintain strong relationships with its customer through various customer-oriented products and services. A large part of this success is also attributed to the maintenance of relationships with the customer and other corporate houses and financial institutions. CSD has been a significant source of attracting customers to the bank. The politeness of the employee at CSD while handling queries and complaints, the way of receiving deposits by the tellers, and the instant delivery of service plays a great role of importance in winning the heart of the customer and driving them to be loyal to the bank and their services.

During these 8 weeks of internship, an overview of the working procedure of the banking system of Nepal was understood. Having gone through the methods of the bank, the operation of the system to some extent was understood. The theoretical knowledge gained about customer relationships was implemented in practical banking settings. The internship has worked over the development of communication and interpersonal skill of the intern. Interaction with different level officers of the bank and informal discussions improved the knowledge about the banking scenario and additional banking terms enhancing decision-making and problem-solving skill.


Report Title: Customer Service Activities of Citizens Bank International Limited

Prepared By: Sanjeena Shrestha

Degree: Bachelor

Program: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Specialization: Banking and Finance

College: Birendra Multiple Campus

University: Tribhuvan University

Year: 2022


Customer Service Activities of Citizens Bank International Limited | Internship Report | 2022

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Note: This internship report (work experience article) was prepared by Ms. Sanjeena Shrestha for the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). So, it is advised to use this report only for reference, or as guidance. Copying or practicing plagiarism is strictly forbidden.

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