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Customer Service Practices of Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited (Internship Report)


Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited is one of the pioneer financial institutions in the country, which was established to provide an effective and reliable banking service to the people. The main motto of the bank is “Service with the Personal Touch”. One of the key strategies of the MBL is to empower its customers with multi-channel banking options and thus enjoy a digitalized and technology-driven banking experience. The customer service department is a very important department of the bank, which is responsible for providing valuable information to the customers and solving various problems of the customers. CSD is responsible for opening new accounts, providing ATM cards, Mobile Banking services, Internet Banking services, Information about foreign Currency exchange services, and many other activities. This is the first department that performs the preliminary activities and helps other departments to complete their work. CSD fills up the forms for receiving and sending the money from remittance and then only the teller department does its work, CSD fills up the forms for currency exchange and only after the officer’s sign and stamp of the bank is placed on the Passport and tickets of the customer who is going abroad, then only they can exchange the foreign currency.

The internship period of two months has been a wonderful journey of knowledge and experience. During the period of internship, the intern got to experience and know the organization’s work environment, and how the tasks are classified and performed to generate a high level of satisfaction among the customers. Before doing an internship, the intern had no idea about the organizational culture and real-life problem-solving methods but after the internship, the intern understood that there is a vast difference between practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge. This internship program has been a way for my career development and knowledge. My interpersonal ability and communication skills have improved after the internship.


Report Title: Customer Service Practices of Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited

Prepared By: Prasanna Dhakal

Degree: Bachelor

Program: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Specialization: Banking and Finance

College: Birendra Multiple Campus

University: Tribhuvan University

Year: 2022


Customer Service Practices of Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited | Internship Report | 2022

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Note: This internship report (work experience article) was prepared by Mr. Prasanna Dhakal for the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). So, it is advised to use this report only for reference, or as guidance. Copying or practicing plagiarism is strictly forbidden.

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