Entrepreneurs and Venture Capital
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Important Vocabulary

  • Market opportunity: The possibility of providing a new product or service to satisfy particular needs
  • High net worth individuals: People with a lot of money at their disposal
  • Risk-averse: Adjective describing investors who do not want to take risks with their money
  • Listed: Adjective describing companies whose shares are traded on the stock exchange
  • Fee: Money paid to professional people for a job or work done
  • Equity: Another word for stocks or shares; a company’s own capital
  • Running costs: The day-to-day expenses of operating a business
  • Market penetration: The attempt to increase or maximize sales, and get a large number of customers
  • Executive directors: Directors who do not work full-time for a company, but advise it about strategic issues
  • Economic agents: Individual consumers, households, companies, organizations, etc.
  • Foresight: Seeing what will happen in the future
  • To maximize utility: To do what you prefer to do, at the lowest possible cost
  • Expectations: What people think or anticipate will happen in the future
  • Entrepreneur: A person who starts a business
  • Alertness: Being quick to see, understand or act in new situations
  • Ignorance: Not knowing about something
  • Awareness: Knowing or being conscious of something
  • A way: A means
  • Adjustments: Small changes
  • Ceased: Stopped or ended
  • Fully: Completely
  • Opportunity: Possibility
  • Short-lived: Temporary
  • Struggle: Fight
  • To assume: To suppose or believe
  • To occur: To take place
  • Unimaginable: Inconceivable

Extracted From

MacKenzie, I. (2002). English for Business Studies: A course for Business Studies and Economics students (2nd ed.). Cambridge University Press.

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