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General Banking Practices in Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited (Internship Report)


Internship has been incorporated as an integral part of the BBA program, which provides students an opportunity to familiarize themselves with organizational culture and learn managerial skills exposing oneself to the real-life functions of the business organization. The internship period is an exciting phase of a student’s life. It is the grooming period every professional needs and simply because one is not an actual member of an organization does not mean that one can ignore their duties. It is not just a requirement to pass exams and get a degree, but it is a period where one builds professional contacts, and learns the art of listening and observing. During the period of internship we students got an opportunity to be familiar with the external environment and also analyze the activities that are performed in real-life scenarios. The internship has proven fruitful to us students in many ways. It has contributed a lot to grooming the skills of the students. The skills can be interpersonal skills, social skills, academic skills, etc. We came in contact with a real working environment and also we analyzed how the activities are to be performed in an organization.

It was a great experience being an intern at Rastriya Banijya Bank Ltd. RBB is one of the well-known names in the banking sector with 263 branches all over Nepal. RBB has come up with new and viable strategies to capture the Nepalese commercial environment. This bank has a promising future if it is able to move along with the market demand. I had a lot of opportunities to learn about different aspects of the banking sector.

After preparing this report, it has been concluded that the internship program conducted as the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the BBA program has been worthwhile in achieving its objectives of providing the practical application of theoretical knowledge. The theoretical knowledge we gained in the classroom is not enough to groom our skills and hence the internship program has been proven as important for all of the students. The knowledge and experience endowed with this study will surely be constructive towards the pavement of the intern’s career and professional life. The experience of the internship was incredible which boosted my confidence level and enhanced the interpersonal communication skills of the intern. It developed interaction skills and shaped up personality too.

As an intern, I want to conclude that RBBL is excellent in terms of its services despite some pros and cons with the issue related to customer satisfaction. It can perform better in the future by updating its working style and strategy and also by regulating its drawbacks, overcoming its weaknesses, and doing its best to retain quality services.


Report Title: General Banking Practices in Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited

Prepared By: Bipana Nagila

Degree: Bachelor

Program: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Specialization: Banking and Finance

College: Birendra Multiple Campus

University: Tribhuvan University

Year: 2022


General Banking Practices in Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited | Internship Report | 2022

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Note: This internship report (work experience article) was prepared by Ms. Bipana Nagila for the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). So, it is advised to use this report only for reference, or as guidance. Copying or practicing plagiarism is strictly forbidden.

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