On the Eve of His Execution
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| Literal Comprehension

In this poem, “On the Eve of His Execution” the poet is young and very unhappy with his life. There is no sign of happiness. There is only pain everywhere. Even though he is alive, he feels as if he is buried in the grave. He is going to be executed.

This poem is a letter written by the poet to his wife before one day of his execution. In the letter, he expresses his thoughts, about the sadness in his life.

Although he is alive he feels like he is dead inside. The plants he seeded for his whole life now convert into bizarre weeds, which symbolizes a life full of grief and loneliness.

He is so young and could have achieved so much success in his life, but his own fate betrays him and drags him into the mouth of death. His untold story remains buried alive and nobody is interested in supporting him. He gets ignored and cursed by nature’s reality of life and death.


| Interpretation

The poet might want to tell us that life is too short and within the blink of an eye, we could get disappear from our existence.

Happiness is only for the short time, but in reality, sadness and grief are only permanent and we can’t stop it from entering into our life.

We must live as fully as we can, and no one knows when our last day comes. By remembering our past days, we can’t alter the reality of life. Thus, it is better to understand the phenomena going around in our life and accept them undoubtedly.


| Critical Thinking

The poem is very deep and profound. We can see how life hits hard when your time comes. But I am not convinced by some of the ideas expressed in this poem.

How can a person be alive and dead at the same time? If a person thinks life is hopeless, why can’t he change his thinking about life?

After all, we became what we believe, and if the poet has tried to believe in optimistic life, then he would not be executed early.


| Assimilation

After I deeply understood the reality of life and death, I come to the conclusion that we don’t have a choice to pick from nature. But let’s not demotivate ourselves, because we can convert that selection into our desired extension.

Our belief system designs our life goals, and if we can clearly see that nothing is permanent, we became fearless.

So, at that moment, nothing can execute us, and we can live forever. I know I am talking profoundly, but nothing is more profound than the truth of our existential reality.

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