| Literal Comprehension

In this poem, “Piano” the poet describes the nostalgic experiences of his life. It was evening. A woman was playing the piano and singing to the speaker. Her song made him think of his childhood days.

He used to sit under the piano and listen to his mother’s piano playing. There was a sound of the ringing strings. Although the poet tries to control himself, the mastery of the song still carries him back to the old Sunday evening at home.

In the past when he was a child, his mother also used to sing melodious hymns by playing the piano. At that time, the poet used to go under the piano and touch his mother’s toes and feet and after seeing her son mother used to give him a smile.

Now the speaker did not like the song of the woman at all, because it had taken him to his childhood days with his mother. He wanted to forget his present manhood and wish to become a child. He lost himself in his childhood memories and weeps like a child.


| Interpretation

Maybe this poem is trying to reflect that music has strong power and it can mend everyone’s, broken heart. Music can touch our hearts and it makes us remember our beautiful memories.

It may also be interpreted to mean that motherly love is superior to sensual love. The poet may also be trying to present the power and value of music to human beings.


| Critical Thinking

Although the poem is very interesting to read, there are some points in the poem with which I don’t agree. How can a man weep like a child listening to music?

Do all people have happy childhood that they want to recall? Does a fully grown person can forget his responsibility and immerse himself in old memories for temporary satisfaction?


| Assimilation

After carefully understanding this poem, I realized that we can never forget our mother and the love she provides us. Mother is the only person who loves us without expecting anything in return.

Also, let’s not forget about the music. Music is nothing but a medium to express our inner feelings, that’s why we feel different emotions while listening to music.

So, I want to conclude that music can drive us into any emotions, either it makes us feel happy temporarily, or teach us a dark part of the unrealized reality of life.

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