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Inserting the Given Words in the Given Gaps in the Text Below

[ applicant | application | application form | apply | candidate | curriculum vitae or CV (GB) or resume (US) | employment agencies | interview | job description | job vacancies | references | short-listed ]

  • Many people looking for work read the job vacancies advertised by companies and employment agencies in newspapers or on the internet. To reply to an advertisement is to apply for a job. (You become a candidate or an applicant). You write an application, or fill in the company’s application form, and send it, along with your resume and a cover letter.
  • You often have to give the names of two people who are prepared to write references for you. If your qualifications and abilities match the job description, you might be short-listed, i.e. selected to attend an interview.

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MacKenzie, I. (2002). English for Business Studies: A course for Business Studies and Economics students (2nd ed.). Cambridge University Press.

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