We have to face up to the fact that some jobs will be outdated. But, we cannot accept people getting outdated – Erna Solberg

The business venture is a startup business that has been created to generate a profit. Normally a business venture refers to a small business.

Recruitment is the process of finding the most capable, qualified, potential, and deserving candidates for the vacant position. Selection means choosing the best candidate from the pool of applicants and offering jobs to them.

Effective recruitment and selection minimizes labor turnover and improves employee morale. Recruiting ineffectively might cost extra bucks, since poor recruits perform badly and/or leave their employment, thus requiring further recruitment.


This PDF Note Covers:

Recruiting and Selecting Key Employees
Lenders and Investors
Funding Requirements
Sources of Personal Financing
Sources of Equity Funding
Sources of Debt Financing
Key Marketing Issues for New Venture
Selecting a market and Establishing a Position
The 4 Ps of Marketing for New Venture
Nature of Business Growth
Planning for Business Growth
Reasons for Business Growth
Managing Business Growth
Knowing and Managing Stage of Growth
Challenges of Firm’s Growth
Day to Day Challenges of Growing Business


File:- Start-up New Business Venture, Marketing Issues and Growth │ Entrepreneurship │ Management Notes

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