Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
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| Literal Comprehension

This poem, “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” composed by Robert Frost, presents the speaker’s returning home at dusk with his horse. As he arrives in the jungle, he stops and gets mesmerized by the beauty of nature.

He is attracted by the frozen lake and woods. He imagines that those woods belong to farmers from the village and he won’t get noticed by those farmers being relaxed on their property.

The horse sees no farmhouse near that jungle and thinks they got lost on that darkest evening of the year. Then he shakes the bells and alarms his master to find the way toward their home. But, the poet was so busy observing those scenes that, only finds the sound of wind and a downy flake.

Suddenly, the poet remembers the promise that he had kept in his life and starts his paused journey by leaving those beautiful snowy woods alone in that jungle.


| Interpretation

The poet is trying to say that we should not forget our natural land, and everyone should give their life a chance to enjoy nature’s beauty. Everyone is busy chasing their dreams and so-called successful life, but life is worthless if you are not investing in nature’s stock.

Also, he asks us to balance our leisure and work life. Only spending one’s life will not going to work, so we must enjoy as well as we need to fulfill the promise that we have done secretly with our life.


| Critical Thinking

This poem is a masterpiece in itself, but still, I can’t resist criticizing this poem. The poet is returning to his home from his duty, and I think he travels the same jungle every day. So, how could the poet come to realize the beauty only this day but not any other day?

In this poem, the horse is shown as a rational conscious being and his master as a nature freak who loses the sense of being in the present moment. So, I didn’t like the idea that animals are being smarter than human beings.

Still, I am impressed by the poet’s work that he doesn’t ignore the wisdom of our life.


| Assimilation

I realized that one must not take life too seriously in perfecting the livelihood. We should balance our work life and leisure life. If we come out from the busy and distracting life for a moment, we could enjoy the most peaceful silence of nature.

Nature can make any powerful people surrender to its beauty. No one can disrespect the beauty of nature.

Also, the poet teaches us a great lesson that we should not get addicted to our memory, no matter how dope it is, but we must learn to walk slowly toward our secret purpose in life.

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