The Savage Male

| Literal Comprehension

This essay, “The Savage Male” presents the culture and living style of Yanomamo tribesmen as well as American-Indian tribesmen, located on the Brazil-Venezuela border. The women were kept in a cage of bamboo in their first period.

After the marriage, males used to beat their wives as fiercely as they can. Males use hallucinogenic powder to gain supreme power, and this drug strengthens their domination.

When their wife is beaten, they used to feel that they were brave and powerful. They even force their sons to beat their daughters. They do club fights, chest-pounding, scar fighting, etc.

Also, Yanomamo males think that they were made from the blood of the moon. All the time they spend fighting each other as much as possible, and all this was their mechanism of life.


| Interpretation

The essay tries to say that males are made to dominate society and the world. Males are powerful, and they are the only supreme leader in this world.

Females were also not weaker than we used to think. They have got the most endurable power to resist any kind of brutality. They were also powerful and no matter what, they also gained equal status in society.

Similarly, the writer also wanted us to share about the different kinds of traditions, cultures, norms, and values that are prevailing in this world. And it is sure that we still don’t know many societies like this.

So, no matter how brutality is in their society, we should respect every civilization and the meaning that is preserving their society’s values.


| Critical Thinking

After reading this essay, I realized how people are ready to sacrifice their comfort to preserve their society’s spirit. But I have some questions regarding this essay.

How could people beat their wives so fiercely, that might even take their life? Is it necessary to punish ownself’s for the sake of preserving nonsense society’s brutal traditions?

Also, is it really what the writer is telling us about that society? Because I believe no one can hurt themselves and their family no matter how wrong they are.


| Assimilation

I used to think that human beings are civilized, rational, social, educated, and superior to other living creatures. But after reading this essay, I realized that humans are nothing more but are only puppets of their own creation.

I don’t want to be disrespectful to any society, their traditions, and their culture. What I only mean is that if this whole world is designed by that one eternal power, what we call God, then how could we all have different sources of civilization?

And if we can’t accept the above fact, I believe we all are living inside a false creation, and we are only dead walkers roaming inside our own matrix of fake belief systems.

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