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Why Go to University?

Why Go to University? │ Moti Nissani
- Moti Nissani

Literal Comprehension:

This essay has been written by Moti Nissani to share some of the important advantages of education in the life of people. Generally, learning in a university can bring some disturbances in everyday life, like daily college routine, money expenses, exam pressure, marks evaluation, etc. Besides these complications, there are many good prospects of university education which he has taught in this essay.

Education can help us to achieve a better chance of income and job opportunities as we can be skilled manpower in a country.

We can do better communication with foreign people and can settle easily everywhere in this world by using our conceptual mind. Educated people can stay healthy as they focus more on physical exercise.

Education can drive us to explore the mysteries of this world as education can act as a powerful motivational tool for active people. Last but not least, he also said that we can create harmony, peace, and a democratic environment in our living society with the help of education.

Hence, better utilization of university education helps us to better utilize the resources of the world.


Many people don't know about the real importance of education and they learn only because of some formalities of their family or society. So, it is necessary to spread the essence of university education and to aware of all learners to energize them from their hearts.

Similarly, the acquisition of education is only a way that leads anyone to gain knowledge. We must look forward to increasing the value of university education.

Critical Thinking:

Though Nissani has given many advantages to university education, I can't agree with all the ideas he discusses. Can all educated person gets a job as per their wish and can earn optimum salary?

Will university education really can delete social evils and create a democratic country? Can only knowledge help to live a better life?


I learn that education can help people to live a better life. They can be one of the great humans of the society or country who know all the philosophies of a better life.

I also realize that we must not narrow our education system and must widen its scope all over the world.

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