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The Brave Little Parrot

The Brave Little Parrot │ Rafe Martin
- Buddhist Legend, (Rafe Martin's Adaptation)

Literal Comprehension:

A forest where Buddha was born as a little parrot and there live many animals and birds. Suddenly, a storm and lightning turned the forest into a fire and every animal and bird was crying for help.

Then, the little parrot started to put out the fire by dripping into the river and spreading the drops of water in the jungle. Parrot got burnt all parts of his body and still continued his work to make the fire off. Seeing a parrot Gods in heaven laughed but one of the gods become ready to help him.

Then that God disguised into a golden eagle. The parrot didn't like the eagle's advice and again continued to drip the water. So, the eagle starts to weep until the fire was put out completely.

With the help of God, all the animals and plants were saved and now there was a shiny and green forest. All the animals and birds share their thanks to the brave little parrot for saving them from fire.

BBA Four Levels │ TU


The story might be telling that anyone who works without any selfishness then, they could definitely achieve success. Here, the little parrot is the symbol of Buddha and we can easily know what belief and path do Buddha want to teach us.

Similarly, it tells us that we must love all other beings and must help them in any difficult situation. God is always ready to help us if we are helping others.

Critical Thinking:

Though the story teaches us to follow the path of morality and to help others selflessly, I can't agree totally with the story. Some disagreeing points are; Is it possible to be born as a parrot for man?

Is really there is an existence of God and can they disguised in any form? Is it not foolishness to think that a small bird can put out the whole fire of the jungle by dripping water. Also, how can a God tear in a way that can wet the whole jungle?


What I believe after reading this story is that I must follow the path of Buddha and help everyone selflessly. Only those can feel the warmness of god, who is in trying to correct this world from every disaster.

So, from now I started to change my mind and belief that can match the philosophy of Buddha's living principles.

-- 𓐴𓐴𓐴 --

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  1. What conclusion you draw from the stories The brave little parrot and if not higher

    1. The brave little parrot: The main theme we can acquire is that, if you can just hold the patient in a difficult situation, you can definitely achieve success.

      Thanks for your response!

    2. If not higher: Optimistic belief always motivates you and pessimistic belief always demotivates you. But, what you believe you always think is a right for you. So, believing something can distract you from an exact reality. Thus, we must believe in reality and have faith in the belief that shows us a realty.

      Thanks for your response!


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