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Important Vocabulary

  • Credit facilities: The possibility of paying for a product over an extended period
  • Warranty & Guarantee: A promise by a manufacturer or seller to repair or replace defective goods during a certain period of time
  • Shelf: A surface in a store on which goods are displayed
  • Brand switchers: Consumers who buy various competing products rather than being loyal to a particular brand
  • Product lifecycle: The standard pattern of sales of a product over the period that it is marketed
  • Profitability: The extent to which an activity provides financial gain
  • Opportunities: Possibilities of filling unsatisfied needs in sectors in which the company can produce goods or services effectively
  • Market share: The sales of a company expressed as a percentage of total sales in a given market
  • Image: The set of beliefs that the public at large holds of an organization
  • Niche: A small, specialized, but profitable segment of a market
  • Line-stretching: Lengthening a product line by moving either up-market or down-market, i.e. making items of higher or lower quality

The Words and Expressions Used in the Interview Means Nearly the Same

  1. A serving of food designed for one person - Portions

  2. An alternative British word for what Americans call french fries - Finger chips

  3. Eye-catching, noticeable - Striking

  4. From which water has been removed - Dehydrated

  5. The components of which a food product is made - Ingredients

  6. A small booth used for selling newspapers, cigarettes, ice cream, and so on - Kiosk

  7. The owners of a company - Shareholders

  8. A large amount of money - Fortune

  9. Uniformity, regularity, sameness (of a product sold worldwide) - Consistency

  10. A symbol or design or the particular form of lettering of a trademark - Logo

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Extracted From:

MacKenzie, I. (2002). English for Business Studies: A course for Business Studies and Economics students (Second). Cambridge University Press.

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