Customer Service Practices of Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited │ Internship Report │ Work Experience Article │ 2022

Customer Service Practices of Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited (Internship Report)

Conclusion of the Report

The internship is always a great opportunity for the students to get field experience and bridge the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge. It was great exposure to working as an internee at Nepal Bangladesh Bank Ltd which brought the practical knowledge that internee lacked and gained some experience in banking activities. We learned interpersonal skills, communication skills, and technical skills that helped me to build my knowledge largely. The interpersonal skills helped us to interact with the various types of customers and their various problems. My negotiation skills also got increased developing my softness and being more formal while communicating with people or clients. A positive attitude also got developed while dealing with different natures of customers.
We also learned the technical skills to operate a computer system, ATM, photocopy machine, scanner, printer, cheque writer, and many more. There must be two-way effective communication with the customers to satisfy them with the services. Therefore all these skills were gained through an internship which motivated for better performance with a developed personality.
Within a short period, the intern got acquainted with the general knowledge of the bank's activities. The intern was placed in two different departments which helped to know the various activities performed by those departments. This internship program has also helped me to know and understand the norms, culture, and responsibilities of an organization.
Thus the experience of the internship program was excellent, lots of things have been learned through this program, and believed that the knowledge learned will be applicable in the future as well.

Report Title: Customer Service Practices of Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited
Prepared By: Shailesh Timalsena
Degree: Bachelor
Program: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Specialization: Banking and Finance
College: Birendra Multiple Campus
University: Tribhuvan University
Year: 2022

File:- Customer Service Practices of Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited │ Internship Report │ Work Experience Article │ 2022

Note: This internship report (work experience article) was prepared by Mr. Shailesh Timalsena for the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). So, it is advised to use this report only for reference, or as guidance. Copying or practicing plagiarism is strictly forbidden.

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