A Tale
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| Literal Comprehension

According to this story, “A Tale” a long time ago at the time of God’s existence, a man went into the jungle and started penance (or meditation) to win supreme knowledge and power of God. He surmounted his desires and gain control over his thoughts. Finally, he achieves a state of supreme meditative enlightenment.

Indra, the king of gods was jealous of that sage because the sage was going to seize his throne through penance. Then without wasting any moment, Indra sent a beautiful nymph (nymphs are typically depicted as beautiful and graceful women with soft, sweet appearances) to destroy the sage’s penance.

She was half-naked, exceptionally beautiful, had a seductive posture, and started to dance and bathe in the river. Her sensual activity disturbs the sage and he opened his eyes unknowingly, and it destroyed his penance.

Then both of them get married and started to live a domestic life. They help needy people in the village. But the villagers were skeptical towards him and they always blamed that woman for his downfall. Still, they ignore the villagers, and the sage had the same inner peace even when he was leading domestic life.


| Interpretation

This story is teaching us that God is God. No one is greater than God, and no one can ever reach the level of God. Indra, the king of gods knowingly disturbed his penance and saves the distinction between God and human beings.

Similarly, one cannot run away from sexual desire and lust. The biological need is most powerful and it can make us do any things. So, the writer didn’t fail to expose the power of sensual love.


| Critical Thinking

The story is very interesting to read and humorous also. It shows the biological nature of living beings and the debatable secret of God. However, I have some arguable questions about this story.

How a person who almost got enlightened, can’t control his desires and emotions? The character of sage directly slaps to the present spiritual thoughts. Similarly, why God is so jealous of the spiritual success of human beings? God is always powerful, so was there any need to break his penance?

Other simple arguments are: how could a person live so many days without eating food or even having a single sip of water? Is it safe to meditate in the jungle where wild animals attack us at any time?


| Assimilation

After reading this story, I realized that God also has feelings of competition and creates barriers to entry into their market. Obviously, God is supreme and only the truth of our existence, but I believe they should let us enjoy our freedom.

Also, it was not shocking to know that sage gets distracted by that beautiful nymph. We all know how powerful is sexual desire, and we must respect biology and nature. No one can bypass the law created by God!

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