Great Scott! Gadzooks!
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| Literal Comprehension

According to the writer in this poem, “Great Scott! Gadzooks!” we should not allow our children to go near the television set. If possible we should not install it at all. They watch T.V. as if they have been controlled by it. They don’t fight and disturb us while watching T.V. and let us do our work but in reality, their minds are becoming dull.

They never do physical activities such as playing, running, jumping, etc. If they found a T.V. they can stay in front of the T.V. for a long time until their eyes shut down.

Children have a very soft and sensitive minds, which may be brainwashed if they watch nonsense fantasies on T.V. Their reasoning power and critical thinking ability will become dull and worthless. They might even damage their eyes by constantly watching T.V. for long hours.

We must throw the T.V. outside of the window and must fill the room with interesting and inspirational books. But they might get a little bit violent after not being able to watch T.V., but in a few days or weeks, they can regain their daily life by being involved in reading books.

And, once if they practice the habit of learning from books they will start to ignore T.V. shows, and we can involve them in artistic works like making beautiful art, reading, singing, dancing, playing, etc.


| Interpretation

The writer might want to tell us that T.V. programs don’t let children think independently, and their minds always get captured by nonsense fantasies and a dreamy world.

Children always capture new things so fast and develop them into a habit. So, to not deteriorate children’s development process, we must not let them engage most of the time in front of T.V.

Instead, we must focus on teaching them new skills, and upgrading their thinking and reasoning power by letting them learn from educational and inspirational books from great successful leaders.

We should teach them practical solutions to any problems and try to make them smart enough so that they can pursue their own vision.


| Critical Thinking

I like the insight of the writer about the dark side of T.V., but this is not everything. Still, there are good advantages of watching T.V. that are helping millions of children to learn and make their minds sharp.

Children can increase their brainpower by engaging in memory-developing programs, they can watch infotainment channels and follow teaching episodes from online teachers.

Also, we should not totally destroy our T.V. set, but we can limit the time for children to enjoy T.V. They can also learn discipline and have other free times to practice recreational activities.


| Assimilation

After understanding this poem, I realized that T.V. can be considered as the wrong machine to deploy on children’s engaging materials.

Sometimes, T.V. can be the worst material that might lead to physical, mental, and social health disturbances in children. Even grown-up people also develop the negative effects by watching T.V. for a long time.

Nothing is more powerful than inspirational books, and we should never forget that real learning power is always found inside the magical papers of best-selling books. So, I started to consult every child to learn more from books and don’t watch T.V. anymore.

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