Metaphors (QnA)
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Is there any possible connection between what the poem is saying about the fixed cycle of pregnancy and its form-the nine syllables and nine lines? (Metaphors)

–> There is a possible connection between the fixed cycle of pregnancy and its form. The nine syllables and nine lines suggest the nine-month of gestation.



Is it possible that the poet has another type of gestation in mind, besides the literal one (e.g., the gestation of a poem or novel)? (Metaphors)

–> First of all, the poem can be interpreted literally. It describes the gestation of the speaker. She is carrying a child inside her body before birth. It is also possible that the poet has another type of gestation in her mind.

On a higher level of abstraction, gestation itself can be seen as a metaphor for another product – poems and other creative works. It describes the time of development of a thought or an idea before it is made known by writing. A piece of art is also a riddle before it is created.

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