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Opening Microsoft Word 2007 in the practical room
Screen layout
The Microsoft Office button
The ribbon
Quick access toolbar
Moving in the text
The cursor
Using the keyboard in MS Word
Selecting text
To de-select
Basic actions with documents
Create a new document
Opening an existing document
Saving a document
Working on multiple documents
Document views
Close a document
Editing document
Inserting additional text
Search and replace text
Undo changes
Formatting text
Change font typeface and size
Font styles and effects
Change the spacing between characters
Expand or condense the space evenly between all the selected characters
Change text color
Highlight text
MS Word practical notes
Copy formatting
Clear formatting
Make a hyperlink
Insert current date and time
Formatting paragraphs
Change paragraph alignment
Indent paragraphs
Change spacing between paragraphs and lines
Add borders and shading
Drawing horizontal line
Apply styles
Creating new styles
New quick style
Style inspector
Set, edit, or clear tabs
Set the tab stops
Add leaders between tab stops
Adding tables
Create a table
Enter data in a table
Modify the table structure and format a table
Symbols and special characters: punctuation, spacing, or typographical
Illustrations, pictures, and smart art
To insert a picture
Resize graphics
Page formatting
Modify page margins
Orientation, size of the page, or columns
Page border and color
Insert common header and footer information
Bulleted and numbered lists
To create a list from an existing text
New list
Nested lists
Formatting lists


File:- Microsoft Word 2007 │ Practical Notes (Informatics Practical, 2013)

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