Mr. Know All

| Literal Comprehension

In this story, “Mr. Know All” the writer has explained that after the end of World War I, the writer decided to go to Yokohama (Japan) from San Francisco (America) by ship. He had to travel with Max Kelada for 14 days by sitting in the same cabin on the ship. Mr. Kelada was so talkative and chatty.

He got surprised to know that Mr. Kelada was also an Englishman. However, he doesn’t like his pattering. Mr. Kelada introduced everyone on the ship and conducted a lottery action. He said that he had a sound knowledge of everything. So, everyone called him ‘Mr. Know All’.

Alcohol was not allowed to carry, still, he asked the writer to have a mixed wine. One evening at dinner, the writer, Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay, and Mr. Kelada were there. Mr. Kelada explained that he was going to Japan to examine pearls.

He saw a pearl chain around Mrs. Ramsay’s neck and claimed that they were original. But Mr. Ramsay said it is not original and its cost is only 18 dollars. When Mr. Ramsay told him to guess the price, he said that they could cost up to 30 thousand dollars.

Mr. Ramsay didn’t believe in Mr. Kelada and they had a bet of one hundred dollars. When Mr. Kelada checked the pearls, Mrs. Ramsay looked nervous. He found the pearls original, but he lied and said they were duplicates to save Mrs. Ramsay.

The next day she returned his money in an envelope, and the writer got surprised after knowing the reality. He also believes that Mr. Kelada was really Mr. know all.


| Interpretation

The main idea of this story is that we should not judge one person’s character by observing their skin color.

Although Mr. Kelada was hated by everyone on the ship, he managed not to go crazy and saved the married life of Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay.

Similarly, the writer also describes the hidden character of women. It is not true that every woman likes to cheat their husband, but Mrs. Ramsay was one of them. She should have not lied to her husband about the originality of that Pearls.


| Critical Thinking

This story teaches about how a person can stay down to earth despite his great wizardry knowledge. Mr. Kelada doesn’t like to brag and boast about his skills. Still, I want to raise some doubtful questions for this story.

How could a person who knows everything about anything, can be hated? He should have got love and huge applause from everyone. If alcohol was not allowed to carry, how Mr. Kelada sneaks that into the ship?

Mr. Kelada was paying so much respect to the writer and still got ignored. I believe that writers would be rich in philosophical thought, but I don’t think he is well equipped with wisdom after seeing his character.


| Assimilation

After reading this story, I realized that we should respect everyone equally and not divide them by their caste, culture, race, and color. Everyone has the right to live independently and got full freedom to enjoy life on their own purpose.

Similarly, I feel bad for Mr. Ramsay that he doesn’t know the dark character of his wife. And for that, I would like to pray for him, may his wife gets changed and stop cheating him behind his back.

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