The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
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| Literal Comprehension

“The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner” is only a one-sentence poem composed by Alden Nowlan. The poet is sitting in his room. He is writing a poem. He is so deeply lost in his writing.

He is writing about his love for his wife. At that time his wife comes suddenly into the room. Her arrival disturbs his writing. He forgets what he is writing. So he is angry with her. But he can’t express his anger openly. He silently curses her.


| Interpretation

This is a very artistic and beautifully composed poem and not more than one sentence. This poem shows that the art of peace of mind is the essence of literature.

The concentration of one’s mind is non-renewable for composing the best poem. He is trying to love his wife literary and didn’t open his anger against her for breaking his worthy mood, which shows his sincere love towards his wife.


| Critical Thinking

This is the poem where we can examine a discussion about another incomplete poem inside an original poem. And this is a feature of this poem that I like the most.

But also I have some critical evaluations for this poem:

  • Is there any reason to silently curse her, but not be honest with his wife?
  • Is there a poem lost or a love he did towards his wife?
  • Before the actual time, is the introduction of women a bad sign?


| Assimilation

After reading this poem I realize that a peaceful mind, deep concentration, and a disturb-free environment are essential for an imaginative poet to compose a great poem.

I also got motivated to write a poem about any simple topic and complete it in a unique artistic style. I learn that we must love our wives in real but not imaginary.

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